Yulia Mulino

There is no easier way of making art than taking ideas from nature.

Most of my work have natural insights. Plain colours, smooth lines and elegant silhouettes – these are the basic rules which are borrowed from it. Inspiration comes also from flavors or sounds of the nature and even changes in the air. Experiments with materials and structures serve to achieve closer resemblance.

I enjoy watching the nature and learning from it. By creating my artwork I am trying bring harmony, style and beauty of nature at home.


For the present moment I have two types of work.

The first one is an abstract painting. I use stones and sand to achieve additional volume and to give a nice texture to my work. Using this technique I can experiment a lot with color, applying multiple layers, tints and shades.

The second one is using volume leaves made of clay. I try to reach maximum resemblance with natural leaves. White color of leaves , in my opinion, enables to concentrate one's attention on the beauty of their natural shapes and elegant lines.

Custom work

If you like my style and technique but cannot find anything that satisfies your wishes perfectly, custom artwork is possible. Any of the paintings from the Gallary or from the New collection can be implimented in different size or color.

Please contact me and all your wishes will be carefully discussed and I will be happy to create a unique artwork only for you.

In spite of the fact that some of my artwork are created in series, each of them is unique. None of them can be identical. That's why shades and colors of any new work will be different.

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